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S. (Willow) Stems at Bluestem Nursery

Salix (Willow)

Common Name / Latin Name - Willows

We much prefer using Latin names. Why? Because then we know exactly which plant is being referred to. Common names vary according to regions, countries, continents and sometimes even from one garden to another.

One look at the common name Sandbar willow explains our point. There are no less than 3 willows with that name. So common names are not very useful to nurseries! Can you imagine ordering Sandbar willow, thinking you were getting a plant with blue stems in the winter, but ending up with an shrub (beautiful as it is) that suckers?

Nonetheless we have compiled a list of common names, along with the Latin equivalent.

Almond leaved willow S. triandra 'Black Maul'
Basket willow S. viminalis
Bay willow S. pentandra
Bluestem willow S. irrorata
Common osier S. viminalis
Contorted willow S. babylonica var. pekinensis
Coral bark willow S. alba 'Britzensis'
Coyote willow S. exigua
Crack willow S. fragilis 'Bullata'
Corkscrew willow S. babylonica var. pekinensis
Curly willow S. babylonica var. pekinensis
Dappled willow S. integra 'Hakuro-nishiki'
Dark leaved willow S. myrsinifolia
Dragon willow S. udensis 'Sekka'
Dwarf arctic willow S. purpurea 'Nana'
Dwarf purple osier S. purpurea 'Nana'
Flame willow S. x 'Flame'
French pussy willow S. caprea 'Select'
Goat willow S. caprea 'Select'
Golden willow S. alba 'Vitellina'
Great sallow S. caprea 'Select'
Japanese fantail willow S. udensis 'Sekka'
Kilmarnock willow S. caprea 'Kilmarnock'
Laurel willow S. pentandra
Long leaf willow S. interior
Meadow willow S. petiolaris
Peking willow S. babylonica var. pekinensis
Purple osier S. purpurea
Redstem willow S. alba 'Chermesina'
Red crack willow S. fragilis 'Belgium Red'
Rosemary willow S. elaeagnos 'Angustifolia'
Sandbar willow S. exigua, S. interior, S. irrorata
Siberian white willow S. alba 'Sericea'
Silver leaved willow S. alba 'Sericea'
Slender willow S. petiolaris
Thurlow weeping willow S. pendulina 'Elegantissima'
Twisted willow S. erythroflexuosa
Variegated willow S. integra 'Hakuro-nishiki'
Variegated grey sallow S. cinerea 'Tricolor'
Wisconsin weeping willow S. pendulina 'Elegantissima'