Stipa brachytricha - Korean Feather Reed Grass

aka Calamagrostis brachytricha, Achnatherum brachytricha

A stately ornamental that blooms well in light shade. Somewhat relaxed in habit, nevertheless it can serve as the main feature in a fall garden long after most other plants have died back. The flowers can exceed 25 cm (10") in length. A specimen plant.

Korean feather grass is more upright in full sun, but I prefer the relaxed look when grown in partial shade. There is something that charms me when the blossoms spill over a walkway.

Description: cool season; clump forming
Foliage is green; of medium blade width; 80-120 cm (32-48") tall
Flowers are large, open; blooms Sept until frost; 100-150 cm (40-60")

Ideal conditions: full sun, light to full shade; moist fertile soil; adaptable to many soil types

Coldest zone: 4 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness); this plant thrives in Minnesota

Partner with: Rudbeckia, taller Sedums, Heliopsis 'Summer Sun', Carex 'Beatlemania', Miscanthus, Molinia 'Edith Dudszus', Molinia 'Strahlenquelle'

Season of interest: September to winter

Drought tolerance rating: 2 (water to root depth once every 2 weeks); further info

Plant or divide: early spring or early fall

Native to: naturalized in eastern Asia, in moist woodlands and at the edge of woods

Recommended plant spacing: 60-100 cm (24-40") why such a difference?

Pronounciation: Stipa (STY-pah) brachytricha (brak-ee-TRY-kuh)


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Stipa brachytricha - Korean Feather Reed Grass
Stipa brachytricha - Korean Feather Reed Grass

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