Sesleria argentea - Silver Moor Grass

Our list of garden-worthy Seslerias continues to grow.

The main feature of this grass is the silver-white flowers which rise above the foliage in early summer.

Like all Seslerias, S. argentea will tolerate a fair amount of shade, but with ample water, it also looks great in full sun.

For a striking focal point pile a mound of good soil in the middle of a well-groomed lawn and cover the mound with plugs of S. argenea. Stand back and watch hundres of silver/white spikes erupt from the lawn each season.

It is a durable plant for difficult situations.

Description: cool season; clump forming; semi-evergreen
Foliage - green; narrow; 20-25 cm (10-12") in height
Flowers - bloom June to frost; 40-50 cm (16-20") tall

Ideal conditions: open woods, woodland edge, full sun with ample water

Zone: 4-9 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Partner with: Luzula, Deschampsia, Koeleria, Poa glauca, Kalimeris incisa

Suggested uses: container, massed, drifts

Season of interest: early summer til frost (semi-evergreen)

Drought tolerance rating: 2 (water to root depth once every 2 weeks); further info

Form: upright and arching

Plant and divide: spring and fall

Native to: France, northern Spain, Italy

Recommended spacing between plants: 25-50 cm (12-18") why such a difference?

Pronunciation: Sesleria (ses-LER-ee-ah) argentea (ar-JEN-tee-uh)


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Sesleria argentea
image used with permission