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Salix (Willow) Stems at Bluestem Nursery

Salix (Willow)

Salix sepulcralis 'Erythroflexuosa'

Salix erythoflexuosa
Salix sepulcralis 'Erythroflexuosa'


Salix sepulcralis 'Erythroflexuosa' - Twisted Willow

Highly ornamental. Has a columnar form that cascades when mature.

Curly willows continue to have wide appeal and this Argentina native will not disappoint. Picture a large, vase-shaped specimen tree, with very curly orange branches, becoming more red into fall and winter.

Prune to shape or may be coppiced.

The pictures on the left are of a block of willows, not of a single plant. It makes a great hedge!

Description: medium shrub; 3-5 m (10-16'); twisted orange or red annual growth; contorted branches that arch upwards in a fountain-like form; bark is shiny, redder in the fall and winter

Ideal conditions: full sun to part shade; rapid grower with ample moisture or if in a moist location; tolerates poor soil

Coldest zone: 5, Z4 with protection (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Uses: ornamental; winter interest; hedges; small gardens (if coppiced); flower arranging; streambank stabilization.


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