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Salix (Willow) Stems at Bluestem Nursery

Salix (Willow)

Salix exigua

Salix exigua - Coyote Willow, Sandbar Willow
Salix exigua
Coyote Willow, Sandbar Willow

Salix exigua - Coyote or Sandbar Willow

Native to western North America, including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon to California and west to New Mexico. A favorite hiding place for coyotes!

S. exigua, due to its colonizing ability, is excellent for streambank stabilization. It is also flexible when high water flows over it, does not mind being covered during high water periods, and rebounds quickly if beavers eat it.

The USDA has published a very interesting online pamphlet called Coyote Willow.

Muriel says: when I walk around our blocks of willows, S. exigua is a standout for its grace and airiness. It is my favorite willow based on its appearance.

Description: medium shrub; 4m (16') tall; yellow-green annual growth; leaves showy, silver on both sides when young

Ideal conditions: full sun to part shade; found growing along streams and on sand bars; prone to suckering, and forms dense thickets

Uses: reclamation, restoration, streambank stabilization

Coldest zone: 3 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)


This picture was taken in October and is of a group of two year old plants that are coppiced in the late winter every year.

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