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Salix (Willow) Stems at Bluestem Nursery

Salix (Willow)

Salix dasyclados

Salix dasyclados

Salix dasyclados

Grown more for utility than beauty, Salix dasyclados produces high quality 2 m (6') long rods when coppiced each season. The hallmark of a good basket willow is one that is flexible, durable, light-weight and grows with minimal branching. Also recommended for furniture making.

Description: large shrub or small tree; vigorous; 3-6 m (10-20'); yellow-green new growth; leaves are lanceolate and dark green; showy large catkins on bare stems

Conditions: full sun to part shade; thrives in moist fertile soil; can tolerate drier poor soil; prune for utility

Coldest zone: 4 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

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