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Ornamental grasses at Bluestem Nursery


Ornamental Grasses and Deer

From our newsletters:

We frequently get asked about whether or not ornamental grasses are eaten by those beautiful but voracious consumers of our precious garden plants.

If you are hoping that there may be some grasses that the deer don't like, then the answer is that the deer around here seem not be the least bit interested in any of the ornamental grasses. Miscanthus and Saccharum leaf blades would probably cut their mouths so that would explain why they aren't touched, but we have no idea why they don't eat the others.

We have an enormous deer problem in our area, but the grasses are grown out in an open field. No problem whatsoever.

Feedback from Su Rickett, Garden Designer:

I am on Bowen Island (near Vancouver, BC) and find that virtually all grasses are deer resistant. The only one that seems not to be is Luzula. That leaves us lots to choose from.

Tip from Kathy Phillipy:

Kathy grows willows and they don't touch them, however she is not so lucky with her other ornamentals. She has recently discovered a product which is working very well to keep the deer from munching on her ornamental. She says "It is working beautifully. They haven't touched anything since I sprayed." The company is called Messina Wildlife.


Willows and deer