Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' - Lesser Corkscrew Rush

This small rush borders curiosity, but will do very well as a low groundcover to accent other broad-leaved shade plants. Also effective is a single plant in a clay pot which can double as a house plant during winter months.

Description: evergreen; irregular clump forming
Foliage is round and twisted; deep green in colour; 10-20 cm (4-8")
Flowers are sparse, emerging from the side of the foliage

Ideal conditions: full sun to part shade; moist to wet soil; protect in hot climates by providing shallow water

Coldest zone: 4 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Partner with: Carex 'Little Midge', Juncus inflexus 'Lovesick Blues'

Suggested uses: specimen, bog container, shallow water, winter houseplant, rain garden

Season of interest: June to October

Recommended spacing between plants: 15-30cm (6-12") why such a difference?

Drought tolerance rating: 4 (water to root depth when soil starts to dry) further info

Pronunciation: Juncus (JUN-kus) effusus (eh-FYOO-sus)


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Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' - Lesser Corkscrew Rush
Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' - Lesser Corkscrew Rush


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Juncus effusus is native