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Retail Newsletter from Bluestem Nursery

Dec 2006

I guess there is one thing we are not guilty of, and that is flooding your Inbox with Newsletters! This appears to be the first one since this time last year. I also see that earlier this year I started 3 Newsletters that didn't get finished. Sigh...

New Introductions for 2007

Carex caryophyllea 'Beatlemania'
Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues'

If you click on the colored text below, you should be taken directly to our website, where you will find lots of information regarding the new plants. The Grass Comparison Chart, Price List/Order and Common Name / Latin Name charts have also been updated.

If you ever see something that is inconsistent or incorrect on our site, please let me know!

Ornamental Grasses

4" pots


Using Ornamental Grasses

a commissioned wall sculpture
by Eric Redding


Sometime ago Eric Redding of Prairie Bouquets in Loveland, Colorado sent us pictures of his wall sculptures using ornamental grasses. I immediately asked if we could use these gorgeous pictures in a newsletter, however it has taken many months to actually happen. My apologies Eric!







Fields of Gold
by Eric Redding

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