Carex pendula - Drooping Sedge

aka Carex capillaris

This hardy sedge is slow to establish. However, with a constant supply of moisture, Drooping sedge will develop into an imposing, dark green plant with dramatic 10 cm long brown flowers. The drooping refers to the blossoms rather than the foliage.

Description: cool season/semi-evergreen; clump forming
Foliage - dark green; wide; 100-125 cm (40-50") tall
Flowers - June - July; 125-150 cm (50-60")

Ideal conditions: light shade; moist fertile soil; tolerates dry conditions; grows in a wide range of soil types

Coldest zone: 5 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Partner with: Astilbe, Epimedium, Hosta, Ligularia

Season of interest: June to winter

Drought tolerance rating: 3 (water to root depth once a week); further info

Recommended spacing between plants: 45-100 cm (18-40") why such a difference?

Pronunciation: Carex (KAIR-ex) pendula (PEN-dyoo-lah)


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Carex pendula - Drooping Sedge
Carex pendula - Drooping Sedge