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Lots of Info about Ornamental Grasses and Willows


Jim has retired from selling grasses and willows and lawn seed.

Because so many people find this website useful he has decided to keep it online. However, in order to pay for the hosting costs this site will now have advertising. This is something Jim was opposed to previously but we hope you understand the reasoning now.

Our goal is to present useful information to gardeners, particularly those wanting to include drought tolerant ornamental grasses, along with those of you who live in moister climates and regions for whom willows are an excellent choice.

Perhaps you too will be inspired to include some of these low maintenance plants in your gardening projects.

If you are having a difficult time trying to decide which ornamental grasses to choose for your garden, a great place to start is with our Grass Comparison Chart and / or the Landscape Uses page. There we have all the grasses listed, with brief information about each one. You can easily compare them to each other for height, bloom time, hardiness, drought tolerance, preferred conditions, etc.

If you are looking for a source for the grasses or willows listed on this website we suggest you visit the Andersen Horticultural Library. Simply enter the name of the plant you are looking for and a list of nurseries will be displayed.


Our Newsletters

A compendium of information that includes additional listings, growing tips and the latest information that affects the world of ornamental grasses and willows.

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We have a blog. There is a link to it from every page of this website, either at the top or the bottom of the pages. At this point in time I think it will be used mainly for pictures and a few newsworthy items.

Green Roofs

Ever thought of growing plants on the roof of your home or office building?

We have some interesting information on the subject on our Green Roof page.


The source used for nomenclature for both ornamental grasses and willows is:

"List of Names of Perennials and of Woody Plants", published by Boomteeltpraktijkonderzoek, Applied Research for Nursery Stock, the Netherlands, 2000.


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